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Escort Kiev Girls → Katya

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  • Hair
  • Intimate haircut
  • On body
  • 1 hour
    1500 UAH
  • 2 hours
    3000 UAH
  • Night
    8000 UAH
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
    3000 UAH
  • Night
    8000 UAH
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  • District:
  • Metro:
Recklessly a sexual girl with a delightful body and perceptible lips dreams to become acquainted with you closer... ;) Let us enjoy by this night in full! Believe, with me you will not feel miserable, I am very passionate, experience and able, and I will be able to take you to the peak of pleasure! Intrigued? I simply adore hot and sex, I like to do a deep blowjob, and I will play with your friend so, that will moan from unprecedented beatitude!Well that? Will we have fun? I am very inventive, I do not suffer complexes and not subject to the thinking stereotype. Do you love погорячее? Then apply. Blond, thin, beautiful. All my appearance and skills as if yell about that, how sensually and pleasantly with me in a bed.What do you wish today? Maybe, to us on the way? Beautiful and debauch киевляночка with the special pleasure will give oneself up in strong masculine hands this evening.Are you able to enjoy every moment of intimate closeness? Do you value experience and frankness in the display of desires? Oh! as much for us general! I adore internalss
  • Outcall
    office, apartment, sauna, country house, hotel, any place
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