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Yana foto moi
+38(096) 989-08-88
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  • Hair
  • Intimate haircut
  • On body
  • 1 hour
    1200 UAH
  • 2 hours
    2200 UAH
  • Night
    5200 UAH
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
    2000 UAH
  • Night
    5000 UAH
  • City:
  • District:
  • Metro:
What do you need a mistress? It seems to me that it must be very well beautiful, bright and virtuosic in bed. As well, I think most would be ... it came to me!)))) Yes, my sweetie, I'm exactly what you've been looking for. It is better to have only the goddess of beauty and sex, and although I am better and her!)) Our meeting is for you to be remembered as a fabulous dream that we can always be repeated. After all, I do not only serve you on the highest level, I will always be ready to meet with you again. Sexual services I have plenty, so there is plenty to choose from, or choose all at once! I SPEAK ENGLISH !!!
  • Outcall
    office, apartment, sauna, country house, hotel, any place
  • Languages
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